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Save the Children is a family of 30 international organizations that operate life-saving programs around the world. In 2016, we reached 157.1 million children directly in more than 120 countries, including Canada.

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A child born in Africa faces many challenges. Sub-Saharan Africa, the area of Africa south of the Sahel, is the poorest region in the world, with nearly half of all child deaths under the age of five occur in this region. In West and Central Africa, the number of babies dying within the first 28 days of life is the highest in the world.

We work in nine African countries to support children, women and communities where help is needed most.

Our programs aim to fulfill these goals:

About Asia

High population growth has left many Asian countries struggling with chronic societal issues:.

  • Poverty that persists across the generations, with children the most vulnerable to the devastating impact
  • Inadequate health care, particularly for rural populations
  • Under-employed workforce, especially youth
  • Rapid degradation of environmentally sensitive areas

We have worked in Asia for more than 30 years. We help children in Afghanistan access better health care, reducing the number of young children dying from preventable diseases. We respond to natural disasters in places like Myanmar and Nepal, providing children with protection, safe shelter, health care and education. Along with our partners, Save the Children teams in Asia work towards long-term solutions based on expanding access to health care, education – enabling equal access for girls – and sustainable livelihood development.

Active Countries

Latin America & Caribbean

We have worked in Latin America for more than 30 years, inspiring breakthroughs in the way children are treated and achieving immediate and lasting changes in their lives.

Together with local and regional partners, we work in twelve countries across Latin America and the Caribbean to support children, woman and community development. Our programs:

Active Countries

Middle East

Affected by conflict, political instability and social unrest, the Middle East is one of the most difficult places to be a child. Many children and families experience threats to their safety and have been forced to flee their homes. Other challenges include shortages in basic necessities like food and water, and a lack of access to healthcare services and schools.

Save the Children works in some of the most complex and difficult environments to protect and support children in the Middle East. We deliver programs that improve healthcare services, provide access to education and protect children's rights - even in times of emergency.

With the humanitarian crisis in Syria continuing to grow, innocent children are being killed and forced to flee their homes. We're on the ground in Syria and around the region keeping children safe, providing essentials items like food and blankets, and offering programs to help them cope with tragedy.

Active Countries