What We Do

Save the Children works in over 120 countries around the world to deliver programs and advocate for better practices and policies to fulfill children’s rights. In addition to Save the Children’s work both internationally and domestically, Save the Children runs specific programs that take place in multiple countries. Together with our partners and supporters, we strive to ensure that children’s voices are heard, particularly children who are marginalized, living in poverty or struggling to survive in the aftermath of violence or disasters.

To achieve these goals, we collaborate with children, organizations, communities, governments and the private sector to share knowledge, influence change, and ensure that children’s rights are fulfilled.

To make an immediate and lasting impact on the lives of children, we focus on:



Save the Children’s LIFELINE program helps children struggling for their very survival in some of the world’s most treacherous places. More…


Child Protection

Advocating for children’s rights and protection is at the heart of our mission. We work with children, governments and community partners around the globe to support and amplify children’s voices, promote change and prevent all forms of violence against children. More…


Gender Equality

Gender equality is a basic right for all people, including children. Save the Children believes that it is critical to directly address gender discrimination and promote gender equality in order to ensure no harm comes to children, and to advance our vision for a world where every child attains their equal right to survival, protection, development and participation. More…


Emergencies and Survival

We respond with immediate and long-term aid to emergencies resulting from natural disasters and crises around the world, where children are the most vulnerable. More…


International Programs

Child mortality has been reduced by half in a generation, and we have aimed for more progress through focused Global Goals. More…


Health and Nutrition

We work to improve access to health care and nutrition for children, including a focus on maternal and infant health, saving lives and making a lasting impact. More…



Our programs provide equal access to education and skill-development for children and youth, improving the future of entire communities for generations to come. More…


Indigenous and Canadian Programs

Save the Children’s vision for Canada is of a reconciled nation; one of equity, respect, and partnership where very child attains the right to survival, safety, protection, development and participation. We believe Indigenous children have a right to develop to their full potential as valued and engaged citizens within their nations and Canada, where their culture and identity are celebrated.

By drawing on our international experience, Save the Children partners with Canada’s Indigenous communities to deliver programs that support this vision. More…


Sustainable Livelihoods

We help families grow their income, property and household resources when their situation is stable and offer assistance when shocks or emergencies threaten to devastate families. More…