Planned Giving

Leave a Gift in your Will

Many people do not realize there are significant tax advantages to making a charitable gift in their will. In fact, a charitable will bequest is one of the few ways to reduce taxes owing upon death. At the same time, it may actually increase the inheritance to loved ones.

More and more people are taking advantage of these benefits after discovering the simplicity and affordability of this form of charitable giving.

Leaving a charitable bequest to our organization will change the lives of children around the world and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. It is one of the most thoughtful and valuable gifts you can make.

You can tailor your charitable gift to meet your personal and financial circumstances, while maximizing tax and other financial benefits.

We strongly recommend seeking professional advice when planning a charitable gift. Your advisor will review your tax situation, financial goals, and family situation to ensure the gift fits your needs. Professionals from our team at Save the Children will also be happy to sit down with you and your advisors to discuss a charitable gift. These discussions are completely confidential and do not obligate you in any way.

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There are many other ways to support Save the Children including donating registered assets (RRSPs, RESPs, RRIFs), donating life insurance, annuities or using charitable remainder trusts.

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Donating Securities and Mutual Funds

You can give a gift of publicly traded securities and avoid incurring the capital gains tax. By donating securities directly to Save the Children Canada, you can reduce your tax bill and at the same time, change the lives of children around the world for the better.

Benefits For You

Impact – The opportunity to make a significant gift.

Tax Advantages – By donating appreciated securities or mutual funds you may avoid paying any capital gains taxes on the securities.

Reduced Brokerage Fees – Many brokerages will forego fees for charitable transactions.
Recognition – Your gift can be honoured during your lifetime.

Simple and Convenient – Securities are easy to transfer. Your broker simply transfers the shares from your account to our Save the Children Canada’s brokerage account. The date of your donation will be the date the securities are deposited into our brokerage account. The securities will be valued using the price at the close of trading the previous day. This will be the amount used for the tax receipt.

How does it work?

A donation receipt is issued for the fair market value of the security on the date of transfer. The securities must be transferred to us at Save the Children Canada and not be sold by you, the donor. The gift will not qualify for the capital gains tax elimination if the securities are sold and the cash is then gifted to a charity.

Please Seek Expert Advice

If you are thinking about transferring assets that have appreciated, you should seek expert advice from a tax specialist, your broker or qualified financial advisor.

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