Sustainable Livelihoods

Every Child Has The Right To A Brighter Future

A quarter of the world’s children—an estimated 600 million—live in extreme poverty. Being born into a poor family creates barriers that many children never overcome.

But working together, we can break this cycle of poverty. We know that children are more likely to be safe, educated and healthy when their families have secure livelihoods. Our programs and teams help communities develop and maintain their livelihoods with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture, so that families can become self-reliant and consistently feed and care for their children.

What We Do

  • Intervene before and during a crisis to protect and restore livelihoods, as well as household assets
  • Assist families in growing their income, property and household resources when their situation is stable
  • Provide cash and/or food safety nets on a seasonal or year-round basis
  • Provide technical assistance and grants to help farmers and entrepreneurs increase their food production and household income
  • Advocate for governments to commit resources and respond appropriately to increase food security and emergency aid
  • Reduce the risk of unsafe workplaces for children through our Children Lead the Way program
  • Create sustainable agriculture-based livelihoods for rural youth in five countries in Africa through our Youth in Action program