Economic Empowerement

An estimated 570 million children live in extreme poverty.

Being born into poverty drastically reduces a child’s opportunities to realize their rights. Save the Children knows that children are more likely to be safe, educated and healthy when their families have secure livelihoods and they themselves are capable to transition to safe and decent work as they grow up. 

Our sustainable livelihoods programs focus on breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty by developing and maintaining families’ income and food supply, and by economically empowering young people with the skills and opportunities to succeed in work and life.

  1. Food security and livelihoods: We empower women to secure and control basic assets and income so they can afford to pay for their own and their families’ basic necessities, and can access sufficient, nutritious food all year round, even in the face of shocks like rising food prices or emergencies.
  2. Adolescent & youth economic empowerment:We work with young people to build their skills and assets, and connect them to market opportunities and services. We connect young people, their families, communities, markets and governments to create equitable, inclusive and safe work opportunities, where young people have the power, agency and voice to make economic decisions for themselves and lead the change they want to see.


Together, we can break the cycle of poverty!


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