Hunger, particularly the most extreme form of hunger – starvation, are caused by many things. For example, climate change has meant the frequency of droughts and floods affect food supply for many populations who are dependent on agricultural. In countries that are experiencing war, like Yemen and Somalia, displacement and extremely high food prices can also impact the availability and accessibility of food. When people, particularly girls and boys, experience long periods where they are not consuming the adequate amount of food of the adequate quality, malnutrition is a risk.

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  • In Uganda, we are supporting South Sudanese refugees who fled from war which caused families to miss planting their crops.
  • In Yemen, we are running critical nutrition programs that treat severe forms of malnutrition, caused by food being too expensive due to the war.
  • In Nigeria, we are providing infant and young child nutrition information and counselling to pregnant and lactating women and girls as well as female and male caregivers who have been forcibly displaced.
  • In Ethiopia, we are supporting female pastoralists whose livestock have died due to drought, with cash transfers in order to buy food for their children, fodder for their animals and mitigate risks such as pulling children from school or early marriage of their daughters.