With a presence in 117 countries and expert advocates across global capitals, we have consistently played a leadership role in influencing and informing policy and practice on children’s rights, since our founding by pioneering child rights activist Eglantyne Jebb almost 100 years ago.

Demanding change from those in power is a vital part of how we create a better future for children. In Canada, we work both independently and with Canadian partners to lead discussions on policy issues ranging from children’s needs in conflict, displacement and disaster, to the discriminatory barriers children face because of social norms, including gender-based discrimination.

Our ability to make impact and shape policy and practice is greatly strengthened by our global network. Drawing on the deep understanding of local policy and power dynamics in 114 countries in which we operate, Save the Children in Canada is able to provide contextualized and updated analysis of policy issues pertaining to children’s rights as they emerge.

We have policy and advocacy teams also based at the United Nations in New York and Geneva, at the African Union, and the European Union, as well as strong research and policy analysis expertise in global capitals, Save the Children Canada is strengthened by the insight and intelligence of our global movement, allowing us to participate in and inform both global and Canadian policy dialogue.


How we advocate:

Policy change: through direct policy dialogue, position papers, background briefs, provision of policy research and analysis, and discrete issue-based briefings, we seek to create meaningful changes in policy for the benefit of girls and boys. Wherever possible, we work with children and young people to amplify their voices and ensure they have a seat at the table.

Policy implementation: through participation in roundtables and consultations, development of policy submissions, and direct dialogue with policymakers, we seek to influence the implementation of existing policy, helping ensure that decisions that impact on children are made with children’s best interests as paramount. Similarly to our work on policy change, we work to ensure safe and meaningful participation of children and young people, who are best placed to speak to their needs.


Campaigns and public mobilisation:

Use your voice, get involved and make a positive change for children. By campaigning with us you will be speaking up for and with children in Canada and around the world so that every last child will fulfill their right to survive, learn and be protected from harm. Together we can demand change from those in power to create a better world for children today and the future we all share.