Take Action to Stop the War on Children

Today, nearly one-fifth of children worldwide are caught up in conflict — more than double what it was 30 years ago.

Every day, bombs destroy children’s homes and schools. Their friends are shot and injured. Their families are killed. There isn’t anywhere they feel safe. Not at home. Not at school. Not on the streets where they used to play. War-makers, whether state-military or armed groups, make deliberate decisions that can harm and kill children. They deny children life-saving aid, recruit them as child soldiers, bomb their schools and hospitals, rape, kill and maim them. These horrendous acts are an affront to our humanity and the wider scandal is that many governments are failing to take action and in some cases, even support these war-makers.

That’s why we urgently need you to speak out today and Stop the War on Children. Together, we can protect the world’s children from the horrors of conflict. Join our campaign now.

Sign our petition to ask the Government of Canada to push for justice for these children, to end support to war-makers who attack civilians, and to support children’s protection and recovery.

What are we asking the Canadian Government to do?

  1. Take concrete action to implement existing commitments to protect schools and school children from attack and to help stop the use of child soldiers
  2. Refuse to sell or export weapons or provide other military assistance to countries and groups when they target children in war or otherwise fail to protect girls and boys from attack
  3. Push for justice so that those individuals or countries who attack children in war or deny them life-saving aid, are held to account and do not get away with impunity
  4. Ensure the right people are in the right place on the ground in conflict zones to document and report on when girls and boys are attacked, and to ensure those who have carried out these attacks are reported
  5. Provide adequate and appropriate funding to ensure the different needs of girls and boys in conflict zones are met, including for protection and education which are often greatly underfunded

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Thank you for defending children in crisis.

Your support is crucial to Stop the War on Children.

By signing our petition, you’re raising your voice and demanding that the Canadian government protect children in crisis and provide them the practical help they need to survive and recover.


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