We can all do our part to uplift and encourage a child in crisis with words of positivity, love and hope!

Post a note of kindness for children living in some of the most difficult circumstances via the interactive message board below. Save the Children will send your message on your behalf to a child in one of our programs across the globe.

Tips when writing your message:

  • Be cheerful and positive, using expressions like: “I’m thinking of you and wishing you well!” Or “I believe in you – you are amazing!”
  • Feel free to start your message with a friendly greeting, like “Hello friend” or a simple “Hi!”.
  • Be encouraging and sincere, remember to make them feel special!
  • Please avoid anything related to: personal information, social media accounts/handles, culturally sensitive subjects, conflicts, politics and religion
  • Keep your message within the 200 character limit
  • Do include a picture or image 

Thank you for putting smile on a child’s face with your kind words.



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