“If I could send a letter to the most powerful person in the world, I’d tell them to stop the war so that people don’t suffer more harm…. I’d go everywhere to remove the landmines and to create safe spaces for children,” says 10-year-old Maha* from Taiz, Yemen.

Maha’s life changed after she stepped on a landmine while collecting firewood for cooking. She was taken to the hospital immediately; however, she injured her right leg, lost her left eye and had her right hand amputated.

Maha, 10, attending a workshop for injured children organised by Save the Children

The incident affected Maha’s daily life She struggled to recover and adapt to her new reality. Tasks like going to school became very difficult, but Maha held onto hope. With support from her teachers, she re-learned how to write with her left hand. She also received at-home tutoring to keep up with her studies. After making significant progress in her healing, she returned to the classroom using crutches.

Maha wants to become a doctor so that she can help children like her. “My hope is that no one has to experience what I went through,” she says.

Save the Children responded on the same day of the incident to help Maha. We covered her medical expenses, including surgeries and medication. We also provided the family with cash assistance and psychosocial support.