Let’s Put Children’s Rights on the Political Agenda

We must act now to get the world back on track for children. The combination of COVID-19, climate change, and rising conflict has had a devastating impact on children’s rights. In Canada and abroad, we are at risk of seeing decades of progress reversed with an increase in child poverty, children dropping out of school, child early and forced marriage, and alarming malnutrition rates.

Vote for kids

The upcoming Canadian Federal Election gives you a significant opportunity to speak up for and with children to protect their rights and invest in their futures. During the lead-up to the election (September 20, 2021), you have the power to inform your electoral candidates on the issues that matter the most to you. These candidates are our future elected officials who will guide and shape Canada’s direction for the coming years. They want to hear from you, so don’t miss your chance to speak up.

It’s easy to be a champion for children’s rights! We have created an Election Toolkit to give you everything you need to become a powerful advocate for change. You will learn how to research a candidate’s policy position, attend a debate, and be ready if a candidate knocks on your door. We cover all the bases so that you can feel confident in engaging in what can sometimes feel like an intimidating political process.

Take inspiration from the many children who are powerful advocates for their own rights, from Indigenous Youth in Canada advocating on health equity to Albania and Nepal where children are leading the way on climate action. Together we can demand change from those in power to create a better world for children today and the future we all share.

Download the Toolkit now to get started.

Disclaimer: Save the Children is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse any electoral candidates or federal parties.