Help is needed in Pakistan

Since the middle of July, Pakistan has been experiencing unprecedented heavy monsoon rains, which have caused flooding across the country’s four provinces: Balochistan, Sindh, Southern Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

A national emergency has been declared by the Government of Pakistan as floods have wiped away several villages and caused significant damages to facilities, including houses, schools, and hospitals. Half the population of Pakistan depends on agriculture for its livelihood and flooding has already had a severe impact.


5 things you should know about the deadly floods in Pakistan

  1. More than 33 million people across Pakistan, including 11 million children, have been affected by deadly flash flooding- the worst flooding to hit Pakistan in decades. These numbers are expected to rise with continued rains and flooding.
  2. More than 1,000 people, including at least 348 children, have lost their lives. A further 1,500 have been injured.
  3. The flash flooding from monsoon rains has submerged thousands of homes, washing away towns and villages.
  4. Many families have lost everything and are in urgent need of shelter, clean water, food, hygiene supplies, and medical care.
  5. Save the Children is already operating in one of the worst affected provinces, Balochistan, and deploying teams to the other hardest-hit areas to assess the immediate needs of children and families.

What about the children?

Children in Pakistan were already facing numerous challenges:

  • 38% of children suffer from stunting due to malnutrition
  • 35% of children are out of school, and 53% of girls (age 15-19+) struggle to read and write
  • Of girls aged 15-19, 14% are married and 1 in 26 gives birth
  • Six in every 100,000 children are murdered

Every child has the right to grow up healthy, educated and safe. The recent flooding in the country only adds to the challenges that children there are up against.


Our response

Save the Children is already operating in the worst affected provinces, working closely with National and Provincial Disaster Management Authorities to provide healthcare, shelter, food assistance and education in emergencies.

In 2010, we were there for the people of Pakistan during the monsoon floods, when nearly one-fifth of the country was submerged. We provided immediate, life-saving relief and stayed to help children and families with long-term recovery and rebuilding.

With your continued support we will continue to provide urgent humanitarian aid in Pakistan. Please donate here: Save the Children | Child Emergency Fund – Save The Children Canada