We’re so pleased that you will be standing with us in 2021 to fight climate change!

Did you know that there are twice as many natural disasters as there was 20 years ago? And, northern Canada is warming three times the global average? Indigenous communities in northern Canada are particularly vulnerable to climate-related disasters such as floods and forest fires. In the event of any emergency, children are always the most vulnerable.

As TIME magazine’s 2019 person of the year, Greta Thunberg, says: You are never too small to make a difference. Here are some ways to help fight climate change this year:

  1. Start a conversation about climate change on social media. Example tweet: The next generation of children will be affected by #ClimateChange before they’re even born. This year, I am standing with @savechildrencan to fight climate change. Join me: http://bit.ly/2ZWvmwb
  2. Give a zero waste Gifts of joy to a loved one for their birthday, wedding, graduation or Mother’s / Father’s Day and support children in crisis
  3. Commit to use no plastic water bottles
  4. Make your commute green – ride a bike, walk or take public transit rather than driving. If driving is a must, try to carpool with friends, family or colleagues
  5. Eat for a climate-stable planet
  6. Unite with friends and family to join Team Save and create a key moment to fundraise to stop climate change