Onno van Manen, Country Director of Save the Children, said:

“Save the Children is saddened and appalled by reports of dozens of women and children being killed by a roadside explosion while travelling on a bus in Farah Province. Sadly, this senseless loss of life is all too common in Afghanistan. Just in the past month hundreds of children have been killed or injured as a result of explosive weapons.

“Only yesterday the UN report on Children and Armed Conflict highlighted the killing and maiming of 3,062 children in 2018 – more than any other country. Children in Afghanistan are paying a heavy price for a conflict they have no part in. Children are killed or injured almost on a daily basis now, schools are difficult to access due to insecurity and armed groups prevent humanitarian aid from reaching the most vulnerable. Afghan children are quite literally being robbed of the future they deserve.

“Today’s attack is yet another tragic example of the effects of explosive weapons. They kill indiscriminately and destroy everything in their path, ruining lives for years to come. Today’s loss of life is especially shocking because of ongoing peace efforts.

“We call on all parties to continue on the path of peace, without paving it with death and destruction. Children must be protected at all times. It’s time to stop this war on children.”


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