Written during the coronavirus pandemic, A Hero Too is a free children’s eBook to help children cope and stay healthy during these unprecedented times. Luna’s story and her search for answers in, A Hero Too, can help caregivers answer their children’s questions about the pandemic, validate their emotions, and make them feel that they are ‘a hero too’.

The social distancing measures in place due to COVID-19 have tremendously affected children’s lives where many are experiencing a complete shift in their routines. Authors, Lara Villani and Cristina Rosato, wrote, A Hero Too in support of Save the Children’s COVID-19 response, to help comfort the ‘little heroes’ who are making a difference during this global pandemic by social distancing.

Give a helping hand to children impacted by COVID-19

Responding to the pandemic in both Canada and around the world, Save the Children is working to ensure children stay safe, healthy and can keep learning.

Your support today can help children in unsafe households, help protect and prepare doctors and health clinics in refugee camps and help support distance learning in the face of school closures.

Together, we can help families get through this. Donate today.

Save with Stories

We’ll regularly share videos on our instagram of familiar faces— celebrities, influencers, teachers, and frontline workers— reading, A Hero Too as well as sharing messages of encouragement to comfort and educate children while they’re stuck at home and learning to navigate their feelings.

Watch all of the videos on @AHeroToo’s Instagram page.

Get Creative:

  • Join us at @AHEROTOO 
  • Ask your child to draw an image of their favourite activity at home or while social distancing.
  • Add text, I’m a Hero too, on the drawing along with their first name, age, city and  country.
  • Take a photo of your child’s art – with or without their face.
  • Share on Instagram and tag the image with #AHEROTOO, @AHEROTOO and #SAVEWITHSTORIES so we can find it and share!

About the Authors & Illustrator

A Hero Too is produced by Canadian born Montrealers, co-creators (and cousins); actress and writer, Cristina Rosato and culinary artist and writer (Mama to Luna), Lara Villani. Together they write children’s books about real life cultural and societal topics. “With a whimsical tone, we aim to help parents navigate through children’s tough questions about the world around them.”

Illustrated by, Leanne Thiessen, whose artwork draws inspiration from living in rural Manitoba, and from a childhood filled with camping, canoeing, loving and respecting the outdoors.