Impact and Accountability

As the world’s largest, independent child’s rights organization, Save the Children holds itself accountable and recognizes our duty to children, and to every individual and organization that supports our work. All of our programs are evaluated, and we report on progress towards our aims and goals.

Annual Report: Save the Children Annual Review 2016
More Information: CRA Listing 

Income Sources

Grants 67.3%

Donations 32.3%

Bequests 0.3%

Interests and other income 0.1%

Unrealized Capital G/L 0.0%

Where your money goes

Programs 91.8%

Fundraising 4.1%

Administration 4.1%

International Programs

East Africa 33.5%

Middle East 23.9%

West Africa 12.3%

Program Management 12.9%

South America 10.4%

Asia 6.3%

North America 0.5%

Central America 0.1%

In an effort to continue our commitment to impact and accountability as it pertains to an inclusive and accessible workplace, please see our Statement of Commitment to Accessibility and our AODA Multi-year Plan.