Be a Lifeline

Making a Difference Through Monthly Giving

With the support of our extraordinary monthly donors, our LIFELINE program helps children struggling for their very survival in some of the world’s most dangerous places. Places like South Sudan, Syria, Ethiopia and others around the globe.

Many of the children we reach through LIFELINE are in treacherous situations, trapped in violent conflict zones or in the aftermath of disasters. They have been forced to flee their homes and have become child refugees. Too many of them are completely alone – and they desperately need shelter and protection, medical care, nutritious food, clean water and a better future, through education.

The help these children need is immediate but also must be sustained to make a lasting difference. That’s why LIFELINE monthly donors have such an incredible impact for children – your monthly gifts enable effective, long – term program planning and support which is so vital.

You can become a LIFELINE and help lift a child to safety today, and give them a better tomorrow.

You can view our March 2018 newsletter here.

Make a difference to a child struggling to survive