World Refugee Day

Today, there are 60 million refugees in the world. That’s 60 million people forcibly displaced from their homes due to conflict and crises. More than half of this number are children. From Syria alone children make up 53% of the refugees. Children and families who flee Syria and other conflict-affected countries, flee out of fear for their lives. They often embark on perilous journeys and while on the move children are especially vulnerable to abuse and trafficking, as families often have no adequate shelter and food is scarce in many places. The health needs are constant, since access to primary health care is limited, and conditions make children susceptible to disease. A considerable portion of refugee and displaced children are out of school, and are growing up lacking even basic numeracy and literacy skills.

We believe that every last child has a right to be healthy, to learn, to be protected and to be free from poverty. This is why Save the Children has been responding to crises around the world for almost 100 years. Providing safety, comfort and support for refugee boys and girls and their families is transformative. We believe all children should have an equal chance, no matter who or where they are, and we will do whatever it takes to reach every last child.



War and violence in Syria and other countries in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa have forced families to flee their homes—and their homelands. Refugee children are suffering as they arrive in Europe, part of the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War.



We’re asking our government to be a champion for a New Global Deal for Displaced Children. Displaced from their homes and traumatized by conflict or natural disasters, these boys and girls deserve the chance to continue their schooling and have access to healthcare, food, and clean water. Sign this petition on and share your support on social media.



The Every Last Child report shows that recent progress in fighting extreme poverty is often not reaching children who need it most – because of geography, their gender, ethnicity or race, a disability or because they are victims of conflict.



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