Since August 25, when violence escalated in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, more than 720,000 children and adults from the ethnic Rohingya minority have sought refuge in Bangladesh fearing for their lives. Many of them crossing into Bangladesh exhausted, sick and hungry after enduring days on the move. 

Rohingya children have witnessed things no child should see while fleeing their homes in Myanmar. From May until September, refugees face Bangladesh’s monsoon season, with heavy rains and powerful winds care tear through the camps, leaving behind crumpled shelters and families scrambling to rebuild. 

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  • We’re improving critical infrastructure like drains and bridges and reinforcing landslide-prone hillsides.
  • We’re sandbagging access routes and distributing shelter upgrade kits to help the most at-risk homes withstand the conditions.

We also continue to respond to the urgent needs of children and their families who have faced horrific human rights abuses and have arrived in the temporary settlements of Cox’s Bazar in urgent need of food, water, shelter and healthcare.

  • We’re providing vital food and shelter to children who are hungry and scared
  • Our Emergency Health Unit is delivering vital health, nutrition and hygiene care and fighting to prevent the spread of disease.
  • We’re protecting children and supporting their emotional wellbeing to help them come to terms with the horrors they’ve faced.
  • We’re helping those who are lost and alone to trace their families and have opened safe spaces where children can play and just be children again.