Messages of Love and Hope from Children in Crisis

For 100 years, we have seen the astonishing resilience of children. Even when their schools and hospitals have been targeted and destroyed, their friends and family members killed before their eyes, and the life they once knew torn apart, children find a way to smile, to have hope for the future and hold on to love.

Right now, more children are being exposed to armed violence than at any other time in more than 20 years. We are working to help children living in some of the worse conflict-affected areas across the world including Yemen, Syria, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Myanmar.

We asked children and young people affected by crisis to write poems about love and hope. Below are 7 of those poems:


Name: Mariana* 
Age: 15
From: El Salvador

Let’s enjoy what we have today
what is around us,
because we don’t know what tomorrow holds.

Let’s love our homeland,
what we find in it,
the place that saw us grow up must also see us pass away.

Friend of mine, who today embarks on this trip,
think very carefully about it,
because today you are writing  your future.




Name: Hanane*
Age: 15
 Iraq now living in Lebanon 

On the path of hope, our steps will never tire,
Even if our lives were exhausted finding hope
The paths we take are those we inspire
To know what you want, is to also cope

On the path of hope, those we love will be our company
And company we part with those who wish us ill
We are never enemies with the generous
For clearer than the sun is our principle still

Days come and go, principles change not
We don’t betray loyalty, never in our free will
Till death comes our way, loyalty will live on
Our friends will stand by us, forever still


Name: Dana*
Age: 16
From: Syria now living in Za’atari Camp in Jordan

Flowers grow on hearts’ banks to defy the delusion, darkness and breaking of our souls

I ride the waves and cross a bridge to you, oh lady of joy and wounds, this is the bridge of hope towards the coast of safety

The Barada river calls to me as our prayers gaze into the hope of returning back home

As Mount Qasioun brags about love, my heart melts

To you Al Sham (Levant region), no matter how long we wait, our hearts throb with the hope forever lit by the sun

We return dignified, holding on to you, Al Sham


Name: Rahaf*
Age: 13 
From: Syria

Where? Where? Where can I find a homeland such as mine, where? where? I have gone around the world and didn’t find a place more charming than my homeland, where? 

My Syria this country filled with joy, which heart is the warmest, which flowers are the most beautiful
Your children are elevated their flag has no limit  
Your men are noble and we will remain proud of them 
O dear Syria you are the heart and soul O dear Syria full of wounds  

O dear Syria you are the heart and soul O dear Syria left with a broken heart  

O dear Syria you will remain O dear Syria the most charming country  


Name: Eric*
From: Burundi now living in Dadaab refugee camp, Kenya

Hurting someone can be as easy
As throwing a stone in the sea
But do you have any idea how deep
That stone can go?
Think before hurting someone

Name: Karina*
Age: 11 years old
Country: Honduras

I love you my country
For your great mountains,
And your great waterfalls,
Every day you shine,
With your great wonders
My beloved Honduras
I love you more than my life.


Name: Luis*
Age: 17 years old
Country: Honduras

The days were long, I did not eat, I did not sleep

I stayed awake whole nights, worried about what could be there in the desert of the skulls,

Although I know that with my effort I can reach the border, I ask God that my children never suffer in this way and even though I know that my country is not in the best way.