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Save the Children has worked in Bangladesh since 1970 with a focus on better nutrition, health and education for children.

Bangladesh has a population of 160 million, of which 32% live in poverty.Bangladesh has made significant progress addressing national health and education challenges in the past three decades, but it remains one of the world’s poorest and least developed countries.

This week, Save the Children's CEO Patricia Erb headed to Bangladesh with a star team of Chef Roger Mooking, parenting blogger Annie from PhD in Parenting, and youth blogger Orysia Andryo.

They're visting health and nutrition programs supported by Save the Children to see how simple solutions can help solve the hunger problem.

Together, we're learning and raising awareness about how we can end hunger around the world. An end to child deaths is within our reach, and the solutions are simple. But political will is required.

Will you join us in calling on PM Stephen Harper to lead the world in ending child hunger?

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Chef Roger Mooking in Bangladesh with Save the Children Canada

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Chef Roger Mooking says:


"As a Chef, I am passionate about food. But not all families have enough nutritious food to survive and thrive. Every year 2.5 million children die because of hunger and malnutrition. This week, I am in Bangladesh with Save the Children to see simple solutions to the hunger problem. It will take political will. I am going to email Prime Minister Harper to ask him to ensure that Canada leads the effort to end hunger today. You can too. Will you?

"In Chunaroghat, Save the Children put me to work cooking with a local mom. Apparently, a few families will get together and cook for each other - taking turns. All the while many people were standing around giving directions. Everything here is a community effort. They say it takes a village to raise a child, this village is certainly proof of that statement. So incredible.

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Parenting Blogger PhD in Parenting in Bangladesh with Save the Children Canada

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 Parenting blogger PhD in Parenting says:


"The pride that I saw in the community volunteers and local health workers in the Sylhet region brought a huge smile to my face. They obviously feel empowered in their role and take accountability for the health of their communities.

"Bangladesh has made incredible progress in terms of women's entrepreneurship through the Grameen Bank micro-loans and other initiatives. Now, through the MaMoni project that Save the Children participates in, women are also becoming empowered in terms of their own health and the health of their children. When women are empowered, we truly can achieve anything.

"I didn't know exactly what to expect in Bangladesh, but I certainly thought 'despair' would be part of it. After two days of visiting the programs being implemented by Save the Children and its parters in Bangladesh, I've seen more progress, results and hope than despair."

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CEO Patricia Erb in Bangladesh with Save the Children Canada

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Save the Children CEO Patricia Erb says:


"Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world, their child and maternal mortality numbers are still too high and millions of children are stunted by malnutrition. Bangladesh clearly demonstrates the need but it surprisingly also demonstrates the hope.

"Even though it is one of the poorest countries, Bangladesh has seen a significant improvement in child mortality, health and nutrition in spite of their economic challenges. 

"This is what our team and I will be witnessing and sharing with Canadians. We will 'reporting' from the field during a crucial week for the global development conversation, the opening session of the 67th annual United Nations General Assembly; a time when the world gathers to talk about the state of the world and the goals and challenges of development.'

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Youth blogger Orysia in Bangladesh with Save the Children Canada

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Youth blogger Orysia says:


"All I can think about is the people I am going to meet over the next week, that I am going to meet and share stories with. I want to know about how they live, what they eat, how and where they work, what is it like as a kid growing up in a country so different from my own.

I am thrilled. This trip will allow me to bring my passion for volunteering, as well as my passion for food, together – which excites me beyond belief. And to be given the opportunity to go on this trip with all of these amazing people is truly the opportunity of a lifetime.  I hope that this trip not only allows us to learn and see new things but also that it marks the beginning of many new friendships."

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