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 Health and nutrition

Every child has the right to live


In the world’s poorest countries, 7.6 million children under five die needlessly every year.  Most are killed by illnesses we know how to prevent and treat, such as diarrhea and pneumonia. And every single day, thousands of children face starvation. We have made progress but with a child still dying every four seconds, it’s simply not enough. We're campaigning to end this injustice and save children's lives.

Save the Children works to improve the health and nutrition of children worldwide, with a special focus on maternal, newborn and child health and survival. Our health and nutrition programs promote sustained improvements in their health and nutritional status. We address the major causes of illness and malnutrition, while developing innovative strategies to effectively and efficiently deliver these services to as many people as possible.



What We Do

  • Improve access and use of health and nutrition services
  • Help people learn and adopt healthy behaviours
  • Train community health workers and other health care providers to identify and treat the biggest killers of children – pneumonia, malaria, and malnutrition – in their communities
  • Establish or rehabilitate medical clinics, providing funding, support, equipment and supplies
  • Operate and/or support programs for infant and young child feeding including, breastfeeding and parent-child bonding
  • Train and support midwives in communities and within health facilities
  • Support health and nutrition programs during emergencies

Early death among children is a tragic fact of life among families across much of the globe. But it doesn’t have to be so. Millions of lives can be spared through simple low-cost interventions delivered by healthcare providers or health workers in their communities.

Lotabong knows how important it is that vaccinations are now available in her village.



How You Can Help

Join our EVERY ONE campaign to save children's lives.

Support our health and nutrition initiatives.

Photo credit: Rachel Palmer/Save the Children
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