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Children Lead the Way


Save the Children’s five year ‘Children Lead the Way’ program aims to secure the rights of girls and boys to protection, education, and survival in Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Nicaragua and Peru.

The program promotes the fulfillment of the rights of girls and boys, with a main focus on children who work. We aim to ensure that children who work in the five countries have access to quality education, learn skills that will improve their futures, and are protected from exploitation. We are also ensuring that their voices are heard in decisions and debates that affect them at the local, national and international levels. We will reach over 2 million people through this program.

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Children, Youth & Work


Children and youth work for many reasons. Many children around the world must work to help support their families. Equally, children and youth choose to work because it offers them opportunities to learn and grow. 

To mark Universal Children’s Day this year, Save the Children (in partnership with Leger Marketing) conducted a survey with 1522 Canadians on their attitudes towards children and youth, and work in Canada and abroad. Read on below for our key findings.


What do you think?

 Are you a child or youth who works? Are you an adult who had a paper route or worked on the family farm when you were a kid? The survey is still open - please take 5 minutes to complete it.


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Youth and Work Survey: Key Findings

In defining work as formal and informal duties at a job or around their home, here are some key findings regarding Canadian attitudes and perceptions on children and youth and work.


Children and youth are working in Canada.

68% of Canadian youth surveyed said they began working at or before the age of 15.

  Children Lead the Way


Canadians see value in children and youth working.

Only 16% of Canadian adults surveyed believe that children and youth should not be working at all.

   Children Lead the Way


Working is learning.

82 % of Canadian children/youth believe that in working, they learn skills they cannot learn in the classroom.

   Children Lead the Way


Working does not hinder children/youths’ social lives.

66% of Canadian children/youth believe working still allows them the opportunity to socialize with friends

   Children Lead the Way


Working is an opportunity to contribute.

88% of Canadian adults surveyed agree that working provides children and youth with an opportunity to contribute to society in a positive way.

   Children Lead the Way


Canadians feel that governments need to do more for children/youth in developing countries.

90% of Canadian adults believe that children and youth working in developing countries often do work that is inappropriate or dangerous and feels that governments must have a role in their protection.

  Children Lead the Way



Download full survey results here.

View our feature gallery: Through the eyes of working children, a series of photos taken by working children in four countries (Bolivia, Nicaragua, Kenya, Burkina Faso) of their everyday environments and realities.


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